Google brings Snapseed to Android

As of today, Android users get to enjoy the unique photo-editing powers of Snapseed, an app that has already enjoyed much success on other platforms.

Nik Software/Google

As of today, Snapseed, one of the more unique photo-editing apps for desktop and iOS, is officially available for Android. After enjoying much success on other platforms and even getting acquired by Google in September, it was only a matter of time before this increasingly popular product would make its way onto the Mountain View titan's own mobile OS.

Snapseed offers borders, filters, and a handful of other useful tools for fine-tuning photo attributes like focus, brightness, contrast, and more. And not surprisingly, the app comes with built-in Google+ sharing, which seems to set the stage for an ultimate Google-Snapseed versus Facebook-Instagram showdown.

Snapseed for Android is compatible with tablets and phones running Android versions 4.0 and higher.

Also, Google today updated the iOS version of Snapseed, making it free to all users.

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