Google Android 1.5 goes live on Cupcake Day

Google's Android operating system gets its update to version 1.5, codenamed Cupcake, today, if you're a G1 user

Today's the day, Cupcakes! Google is wheeling out the update to version 1.5 of the Android phone operating system, codenamed Cupcake.

Crave ate a hearty lunch at Google's London office just yesterday, where we chatted about Android, the future of Google and the controversy over Street View, and saw how London is the hub of Google's mobile operation. Now we wait with bated breath to see when the update will hit our T-Mobile G1.

When the update arrives, it'll give Android handsets features such as stereo Bluetooth, an onscreen keyboard, copy and paste, and video recording.

It's a free, over-the-air download, which means G1 users will be walking around normally when suddenly -- bam! -- Cupcake hits their phones. Our office G1 is still waiting for the update to arrive. But if you've already been Cupcaked, or if you're still waiting, let us know in the comments.

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