Games may finally get us to do cardio

It may be the only way to get us to exercise

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We're convinced that the electronics industry is conspiring with our personal trainer, because he knows that built-in gadgets are the only way to get us on the cardio machines. The latest invention goes far beyond the iPod fitness equipment we mentioned earlier; this diabolical device really hits home--with games.

And we're not talking DDR either. The "ProForm 20.0 Elliptical CrossTrainer" includes a backlit console with a screen mounted right in front of your flushed face, according to Newlaunches. As if that weren't enough, additional cruelty comes in the games themselves, which the manufacturer says are "designed to become easier to play based on how hard you exercise." It's even on sale right now for $799, apparently $200 off the usual sticker price.

But we'll get our revenge in two magic words: "assembly required." Translation: It will never see the light of day.

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