Galaxy S4 is UK's third favourite behind iPhones, says uSwitch

The Samsung Galaxy S4, only out in the UK for a few days, is already the country's third most popular phone, according to uSwitch.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 , only out in the UK for a few days and pretty hard to find in that time, is already the country's third most popular phone, according to uSwitch.

The consumer advice site's mobile tracker ranks smart phones according to their sales, pre-orders and "live searches", with data from various Omio comparison sites -- including CNET's own Mobile Deals section. That means it's not just what people are buying, but merely considering too.

"The S4 was at number five in the chart based on pre-orders alone, meaning it could well overtake the iPhone 5 in May," the site said in a statement.

What's interesting is the continued popularity of much older phones, including last year's Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S , and 2011's Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4 .

Other manufacturers barely figure, which is a shame considering the quality of Android flagships such as the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z -- currently numbers 4 and 7 in the uSwitch hit parade. Here's the full chart:

"The fact that Apple and Samsung occupy eight of the top 10 spots is a clear indication of their dominance in the smart phone space," says uSwitch's Ernest Doku, "with the impressive HTC One valiantly holding its own."

The only thing that might put a detour on the S4's journey to total smart phone domination is making enough of them to go around. It's been hard to find since its launch , but retailers and networks are beginning to fulfil pre-orders and get stock on their shops' shelves.

HTC, meanwhile, has been showing off how cool its manufacturing process of the One is in a nifty, slightly Apple-flavoured, new video.

Have you considered the S4? Baffled by the iPhone's continuing popularity? Surprised the HTC One isn't higher? Analyse the data in the comments below, or on our considerable Facebook page.


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