Galaxy S4 and HTC One get Facebook Home compatibility

The year's two biggest smart phones (so far) can now access Facebook Home, the social network has confirmed.

Facebook Home, the downloadable chunk of software that smothers your Android phone's homescreen in Facebook features, is now available on the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 .

Owners of the year's two biggest smart phones (so far, anyway) can now install the Facebook skin, which has received, um, mixed reviews since it launched last month.

The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 were always down to get Home access, with Facebook earlier confirming that both phones would be able to download the elaborate new app, alongside other mobiles like the HTC One X, Galaxy S3 and Note 2 .

Facebook told me that now the two phones have launched, Home has been made compatible, and owners of the two major mobiles should be able to download the software from Google Play at their whim.

Facebook recently boasted that Home had been installed 1 million times. The app hasn't managed to impress those who've taken it for a whirl though, and has an average score of 2.2 stars on Google Play. The Facebook iOS app has been updated meanwhile , adding the Chat Heads function to messages.

Slashgear reports that installing the app on the Galaxy S4 throws up an error message that reads, "Your device is not supported yet", but that if you press the "Use Home anyway" option, it will still launch as usual.

Have you tried Facebook Home? Or is your Android phone fine as it is? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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