Fujitsu Siemens adds Centrino 2: T5010, A6210 and more

Jumping on board the Centrino 2 train, Fujitsu Siemens has released details of six new LifeBook laptops: the T5010, T1010, A6210, E8420, S6520 and S7220

To coincide with Monday night's launch of Centrino 2 , Fujitsu Siemens announced six new laptops, all of which incorporate the new platform. Highlights from the announcement include two convertible tablets with 13.3-inch displays -- a first -- and a media-oriented midsize system with a handful of unique features.

First up, the tablets: the LifeBook T5010 and LifeBook T1010 are the first convertible tablets to incorporate a 13.3-inch backlit-LED display. Aimed at business users with its black lid and conservative design, the LifeBook T5010 is more than just demure looks. It includes corporate-friendly features such as a Trusted Platform Module, modular drive bay, optional WiMax, optional indoor/outdoor display and support for Intel's vPro technology. The LifeBook T5010 will be available in the US in 30 days with prices starting at $1,769 (£880).

The LifeBook T1010 is nearly identical to the T5010, but it's designed for students, consumers and small business users who don't need corporate-level security and management features. The T1010 features a touchscreen display and fixed webcam. It sports a glossy, patterned silver lid and a lower starting price of $1,299 (£646) and it's available for order immediately in the US.

Also putting a sparkle in our eye was news of the 15.4-inch LifeBook A6210. The new midsize system includes a number of unique features, such as wireless USB, an eSATA port and a new gesture-enabled touch pad. There's also a choice of integrated or discrete graphics, 802.11n wireless and an HDMI port to complement the optional Blu-ray drive. We're curious to see the laptop's new high-gloss lid, which reportedly departs from Fujitsu's usual ho-hum look. In the US, the LifeBook A6210 is available for order immediately at a starting price of $1,149 (£571).

The remaining laptops to get the Centrino 2 treatment include the 15.4-inch LifeBook E8420, starting at $1,359 (£676); the 14.1-inch LifeBook S6520, starting at $1,529 (£760); and the 14-inch LifeBook S7220, available for $1,229 (£611). Watch this space for details of official UK release dates and prices. -Michelle Thatcher

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