Flipboard for iPhone and iPod touch out now

Flipboard, the app that arranges your social feeds into a newspaper-style collage, is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Flipboard , the app that arranges all your social feeds into a newspaper-style collage, is now also available for the iPhone and iPod touch .

Previously a pleasure reserved for iPad owners, Flipboard is one of the best free apps available on Apple's iOS platform. Once you've logged in with your various social networks, the app aggregates links that your online buddies are posting, arranging the web pages they point to in a gorgeous magazine-inspired collage.

You can flip through pages with your finger, and tapping on an individual story will make it appear full-screen. Unlike the iPad version, you get to the next page by swiping vertically -- handy for browsing using your thumb.

The iPhone version has a new feature called 'Cover Stories', which offers a select few articles on the first screen you see when you open the app, tailoring the kinds of stories that pop up based on your reading habits. That feature will be on the iPad version soon.

Flipboard has the Cupertino seal of approval -- Apple's senior vice president Phil Schiller tweeted his admiration for the iPhone version, calling it "very nice". High praise indeed. Sort of.

We're huge fans of the app, which saves us from flipping mindlessly between Facebook and Twitter looking for cat videos we haven't seen insightful news pieces, and is the kind of whimsical, slickly presented gubbins smart phones excel at.

Here's hoping an Android version lands soon. In the meantime, let us know what you reckon in the comments, or on our Facebook wall

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