Flip Cap, a lens cap you can't misplace

Good news, photographers. This useful camera accessory is a lens cap that never has to be separated from your camera lens.

Flip Cap
The Flip Cap closed. Shawn Low/CNET Asia

YOKOHAMA, Japan--Most photographers will misplace their lens cap at some point. The Flip Cap could help.

The Flip Cap's name speaks for itself. It's a lens cap that flips up and out of the way when you want to take a picture. You attach the contraption to your camera lens via the filter thread and press a button to make the spring-loaded cap to flip open. A product of Kenko International, which also makes lens filters and bags, the Flip Cap will be available in plain black, or in a set with interchangeable panel designs. There will be two sizes available to fit 49mm and 58mm lens filter threads.

Flip Cap
A switch on top opens the Flip Cap. Shawn Low/CNET Asia

The black Flip Cap will retail at 2,300 yen ($25), while the version with interchangeable panels costs 3,300 yen ($36). While there's no word on availability, Kenko products have been known to be sold on major online stores such as Amazon.

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(Source: Crave Asia)


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