Five ways the Japanese are technically better than us

Us Brits may have a proud tradition of innovation, but now we're having our rear-ends handed to us by brilliant Japanese engineers who live, breathe and in some cases eat technology

We're British, so we know when we're being beaten at something. If we're honest, we're beaten at most things. Especially sports, and even more embarrassingly, the sports we invented. When it comes to technology, we do have a proud history of inventing such monumental gadgets as the modern flushing toilet, the television and the ZX Spectrum.

But even with our glorious history, we'd never pretend to rival Japan for sheer technological nous. If you speak to people who have been to Japan, they're full of barely believable tales of shops selling things so futuristic they couldn't even comprehend what they were for. Or why they had a picture of a cat on them.

So we felt it was time to honour the Japanese by taking a good look at some of the many things they do better than us. Here are five of the most compelling reasons to sell all your stuff on eBay and move to the Land of the Rising Sun. -Ian Morris

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