Find cool Kickstarter stuff for your iDevice

New Web site catalogs some of the best Kickstarter-spawned gear. is home to 30 slick Kickstarter-born products for iDevices, all of which are now available for sale. is home to 30 slick Kickstarter-born products for iDevices, all of which are now available for sale. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Kickstarter has birthed some pretty cool accessories for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The ChargeCard, for example, which I recently saw and loved at CES. And the Woxom SlingShot video stabilizer/tripod.

If you sometimes feel like you might be missing out on the good stuff, or perhaps you just don't have time to troll Kickstarters listings in search of iDevice-related items, there's a site you may want to visit:

BiteMyApple offers a simple, stylish catalog where you can browse and, if you wish, buy various "Kickstarter success stories." You'll find items like the Amplifiear audio amplifier, Glif iPhone mount, Olloclip quick-connect camera lens, and Une Bobine flexible stand/sync cable (which had somehow flown under my radar, but I now realize I must have). The site is currently home to some 30 products that originated on Kickstarter.

Alas, the prices here are no better than what you'd find if you purchased the wares directly from their vendors; you're merely getting a convenient, catalog-style shopping experience. That said, you will find a couple clearance items, like the Kioky "perfect-fit" screen protector applicator ($6.99) and Jot Pro Stylus ($19.99)

If nothing else, the site feels like a Sharper Image catalog for Apple-oriented Kickstarter stuff. It's a neat place to spend a few minutes browsing, especially if you like crowd-funded gear.

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