Eye-catching LED pet collar fit for 'Tron: Legacy'

Losing a furry friend at night can be frustrating and scary, but the Halo Mini, a slick LED collar making a showing on Kickstarter, might be what the veterinarian ordered.

Meow Meow gets a collar fit for the 21st century. Halo Mini

Over the last few years, a pack of LED collars have come out and given pet owners some peace of mind in the dark. Speaking as one who has a dog, however, I can safely say these accessories often fall short in the aesthetic and build-quality departments.

Enter the Halo Mini, a bright LED pet collar now making a run on Kickstarter that looks like something you'd expect to see on a digital pooch roaming the alleys in "Tron: Legacy."

Of course, the Halo Mini isn't science fiction, but a collar with LEDs that illuminate a thermoplastic polyurethane fiber optic strip. Battery life runs about 75 non-consecutive hours on flash mode, and 30 consecutive hours in solid illumination mode. Recharging, done through a regular USB cord, takes about two hours.

San Francisco designer Vincent Pilot Ng created the collar, which is water resistant and reflective when powered off. It's already doubled its $10,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter, with 23 days to go. It's available in red, green, or blue versions for $35, and should ship in October.

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