Expand your desktop with a 22-inch LCD monitor, $199.98 shipped

PC Connection has the 22-inch ViewSonic Q2201WB, a basic but spacious monitor, on sale for a great price.


Still squinting at that 17-inch LCD? Get your space on (no idea what that means) with the ViewSonic OptiQuest Q2201wb, a 22-inch LCD that's on sale for $199.98. (Click the PC Connection link on the right when you get to the product page.) Shipping is included, and you don't have to deal with any pesky rebates.

This is a fairly basic widescreen monitor, offering 1680x1050 native resolution and a zippy 5ms response time. It has only a VGA interface, so if your desktop has only DVI outputs, you'll need a VGA-to-DVI adapter (which you can pick up for under 5 bucks just about anywhere).

This is a new unit with a one-year warranty. If anyone already owns this model and wants to comment on its quality (or lack thereof), please do! In the meantime, I'll repeat myself and say that having a big ol' monitor on your desk really does boost your productivity. I wouldn't trade mine for the world.


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