Exclusive: O2 texts over a million free tweets in two weeks

O2 has revealed to CNET UK just how popular its free Twitter SMS service is, with over a million free messages sent to its customers via text message in just over 14 days

Little over 14 days after switching on its Twitter SMS alert service , O2 has sent out over a million free Twitter messages to its customers' phones.

"We've now topped over a million free Twitter SMS messages," O2 exclusively told CNET UK today, "and that doesn’t count the ones people are sending to Twitter either."

O2 started offering its most Twitter-obsessed customers free SMS updates earlier this month. With it activated, every time one of your Twitter friends declares they're on the toilet, you'll get a text. Every time someone replies to your tweet about being on the toilet, you'll get a text. And every time someone direct messages you to ask you to stop using Twitter on the toilet, you'll get a text.

It's totally free, and you can receive up to 600 alerts a month before O2 will consider nagging you to be less popular. A similar service is offered for Facebook and that site mostly used by morons and chavs. Bebo, that's it.

To get your O2 account set up for Twitter alerts, send a text to 86444 on your O2 phone.

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