Exclusive: O2 texts over a million free tweets in two weeks

O2 has revealed to CNET UK just how popular its free Twitter SMS service is, with over a million free messages sent to its customers via text message in just over 14 days

Little over 14 days after switching on its Twitter SMS alert service, O2 has sent out over a million free Twitter messages to its customers' phones.

"We've now topped over a million free Twitter SMS messages," O2 exclusively told CNET UK today, "and that doesn’t count the ones people are sending to Twitter either."

O2 started offering its most Twitter-obsessed customers free SMS updates earlier this month. With it activated, every time one of your Twitter friends declares they're on the toilet, you'll get a text. Every time someone replies to your tweet about being on the toilet, you'll get a text. And every time someone direct messages you to ask you to stop using Twitter on the toilet, you'll get a text.

It's totally free, and you can receive up to 600 alerts a month before O2 will consider nagging you to be less popular. A similar service is offered for Facebook and that site mostly used by morons and chavs. Bebo, that's it.

To get your O2 account set up for Twitter alerts, send a text to 86444 on your O2 phone.

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