E3 2010: Kinectimals, Star Wars, Portal 2, Zelda and more

This year's E3 conference in LA was a doozy, so click through for our favourite trailers and bits of news on all the hottest new games we're dead excited about

For the last week we've been keeping one eye firmly on our sister site GameSpot UK's excellent coverage of the E3 gaming conference, but now that the fun is over and the dust has settled, we're ready to tell you which games announced or previewed at E3 are really worth getting excited over. Read on, fellow nerdlings, and get ready to geek the flip out.

Kinectimals -- Xbox 360

Microsoft bowled us over this year with some really exciting hardware announcements, not least of which was the mysterious motion-sensor peripheral project Natal being officially titled Kinect. Along with the announcement came a slew of games built around the Xbox's new controller-less gaming technology, but the only one that really charmed our little cotton socks off was Kinectimals -- a tamagotchi-style animal-care simulator that lets gamers interact with a range of needlessly adorable fluffy beasts. Click play on the trailer above if you don't believe us. Go on, click it.

Sure, this is a game aimed at squarely at the child market, but why let the younger generation have all the fun? They don't even pay taxes! CNET UK heartily endorses Kinectimals for working professionals...

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