Double-decker bus does pushups for Olympics glory

Artist David Cerny attaches arms to a six-ton red double-decker bus and makes it do pushups to celebrate the London Olympics.

London Boosted bus art
The bus demonstrates its version of Olympic weightlifting. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

When I think of London, I think of bright red double-decker buses. When I think of the London Olympics, I think of bright red double-decker buses doing pushups. I can thank Czech artist David Cerny for that indelible image.

Cerny attached giant red arms to a full-size bus, but he didn't stop there. He added an engine-powered hydraulics system that lets the bus art, called "London Booster," perform pushups, complete with groaning effort noises. Since the bus has back wheels and no legs, I'm assuming this is the equivalent of doing knee pushups.

The installation coincides with the London Olympics. It's a nod to a universal athletic workout, though the bus' grunting indicates it's not having as much fun with the process as we are with watching it.

The bus will be on display outside the Czech Olympic team's headquarters during the games. Check out the video of the workout.

(Via PSFK)

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