Does not compute: The 10 most annoying kid + robot team-ups

Robots are awesome. Yet pair them up with a kid and you create something brain-meltingly irritating. We've picked 10 of the most annoying bowl-headed moppets and their frustrating robot chums

You're making a movie, or a TV show. You've got the awesome concept, you've got the heroic lead and a staunch band of loyal allies. You've got your evil villain, your cool technology, your amazing gadgets. But there's something missing. The final detail that will really seal the deal on your killer concept. What can it be?

You need a kid. And a robot.

When film and television wonks are putting together a project, audience identification is high on their minds -- or at least whatever it is they're using instead of minds. If kids are going to watch a film or a TV show, the logic goes that they need to see a kid up on screen to 'identify with'. Apparently children struggle to identify with badass grownups screaming around in unutterably radical sports cars that turn into helicopters, whupping supervillain ass and taking hot chick names. No. They need kids with bowl haircuts that fall down holes.

If there's anything more annoying than kids with bowl haircuts that fall down holes, it's capering comedy-relief robots. Instead of indestructible, super-intelligent doomdroids, we get scampering, cowardly automata. What's that about?

Click through the links to meet the ten lamest kids to ever disgrace their badass mums and dads, and their ten robot sidekicks that make Asimo look like Arnie. They'll stow away on suicide missions, wander off at inadvisable moments, and generally annoy the shazbat out of you. Who knows, they may even save the day. Make it to the end without your brain exploding, and we'll reward you with the one glorious exception. -Rich Trenholm

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