Doctor Who faces greatest evil yet: Wi-Fi

Doctor Who returns in less than two weeks' time with a new companion, new monsters -- and a Wi-Fi warning.

Having ruled out the stetson and the fez, the Doctor's new headware is set to be a tin-foil hat . Doctor Who returns in less than two weeks' time with a new companion, new monsters -- and a Wi-Fi warning .

Matt Smith is back as everybody's favourite Time Lord, joined by Jenna-Louise Coleman as mysterious companion Clara Oswald. And in the first episode, The Bells of Saint John, an ancient evil attempts to take over the world through Wi-Fi signals . For a show that's so big on gadgets, Doctor Who sure is worried about technology...

Remember the Bluetooth headsets that nearly turned us all into Cybermen? Or the sat-navs that nearly poisoned the world's atmosphere? Not to mention all those homicidal robots and crazy computers that have troubled the TARDIS crew over the years.

But as anyone who's ever tangled with a mobile hotspot knows, the evils of Daleks and Cybermen pale into insignificance next to the fiendish agony that can be inflicted by a dodgy Wi-Fi connection.

It's the 50th birthday of Doctor Who in November, and this series is leading up to an anniversary special rumoured to feature all the Doctors -- which will be broadcast in 3D and shown in cinemas .

In the meantime Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Neil Gaiman are back on scripting duties for a series that will also feature a comeback for classic baddies the Ice Warriors.

Doctor Who returns with The Bells of Saint John on 30 March. Are you looking forward to the Doctor's 50th year? What everyday technology is your nemesis? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.


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