Disk First Aid 8.1: What's New?

Disk First Aid 8.1: What's New?

As predicted last time, Apple has posted a new TIL file on what is new in the new 8.1 version of Disk First Aid. It specifically addresses the issues previously raised here at MacFixIt. Here are the key points:

  1. Disk First Aid 8.1 has been updated to support Mac OS 8.1's new Mac OS Extended Format.
  2. Disk First Aid 8.1 now incorporates the File Manager's built in verification and repair functionality called "MountCheck". By including the MountCheck code in Disk First Aid (DFA) 8.1, DFA guarantees that it will catch all the same things MountCheck finds during startup.
  3. Disk First Aid 8.1 is more thorough than DFA 7.2.4 at rebuilding directory catalogues if minor problems are found.
  4. Disk First Aid 8.1 now checks for custom icon problems for all folders, not just the root of the hard drive.


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