Denon shows off two network-friendly iPod docks

Two new iPod docks from Denon add networking capabilities.


At Denon's 2007 Line Show in Jersey City, NJ, we were introduced to two new networked docks that do more than just play your iPod. The ASD-3N and ASD-3W (same as the ASD-3N, with added wireless connectivity) allow you to play streaming data off your home network through any receiver or device that can take analog RCA audio.

Even more appealing, the docks ship with a newly implemented GUI that has the ability to display album art. This will make use of the S-video output on each of the docks--also allowing you to view videos stored on your iPod. Both the ASD-3N and ASD-3W will be available in August and September for $179.99 and $229.99 respectively.

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