Dell Venue Pro equipped for AT&T passes through FCC

Dialed In gives you the details on recent cell phone filings with the FCC.

T-Mobile has yet to deliver its Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 handset, but a version of the device for AT&T passed through the Federal Communications Commission this week. We also saw a mess of Samsungs (of course) and the Huawei Ideos, aka the T-Mobile Comet.

Because the FCC has to certify every phone sold in the United States, not to mention test its SAR rating, the agency's online database offers a lot of sneak peeks to those who dig. And to save you the trouble, Crave has combed through the database for you. Here are a selection of filings from the past week on new and upcoming cell phones. Click through to read the full report.

Dell Venue Pro Microsoft

Dell Venue Pro for AT&T
Huawei Ideos
Huawei C2823
Huawei C2828
LG P990
Samsung GT-E2652W
Samsung GT-E3210
Samsung GT-S5560i
Samsung GT-S5570
Samsung GT-S7230B
Samsung SGH-C414
ZTE 215

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