Dell mobiles too boring to live?

Rumours are flying that Dell's prototype Windows Mobile and Android handsets were rebuffed by operators for being too bland

After replacing ageing rockers and supernerds with sexy models in their marketing for slick little laptops like the Adamo , Dell seemed to have learned its lesson about how ugly computers can destroy your soul. But according to investor mag Barron's, Dell's rumoured mobile phones are so mind-meltingly dreary, they've been rejected by operators.

Barron's quotes a market analyst who says Dell shopped around some Windows Mobile and Android handsets, but were cruelly rejected for "lack of differentiation", which is business code for "dull as nuts".

But if you're excited about pressing a black plastic Dell box against your fevered ear, take heart. Barron's reports that Dell may be looking at buying a mobile phone manufacturer to give its phone designs an injection of sexy. It seemed to work with Alienware , so maybe it could work with... Palm ?

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