Dell Latitude E4310: Headed for a meeting room near you

Hang on to your Filofax. Dell's announced the new Latitude E4310 -- a pretty little 13-inch laptop aimed at frequent travellers and executive types

Hang on to your Filofax: Dell's new Latitude E4310 is set to get frequent travellers and executive types all hot under their white collars. Like the rest of the Latitude E series, this laptop is a pretty little thing that packs a 13.3-inch, 1,366x768-pixel display and a lightweight, 1.5kg chassis.

That's not to say it's ill-equipped. On its US site, Dell says it'll be stuffing the E4310 with a choice of Intel Core i5 CPUs, up to 4GB of DDR3 1,066MHz SDRAM, a choice of mechanical or solid-state hard drives, plus a Blu-ray option -- though we can't imagine many city-dwelling office types taking advantage of that last one.

More useful is the addition of a SIM-card slot, which allows you to connect to the Web almost anywhere, and an integrated GPS module, which lets you take advantage of location-based services or navigate between meetings using the magic of satellites.

This being a Latitude, the E4310 has a range of other goodies designed to make your computing life slightly easier. It'll pack a fingerprint reader for fast, secure logins, a backlit keyboard and the Latitude On pre-boot feature -- which lets you access your calendar, emails and contacts without having to boot to Windows 7.

Dell has yet to begin selling the E4310 on its UK Web site, so we're unable to confirm its price at the time of writing. Rest assured, we're pestering the company for a review sample and will let you know if it's as good as it seems in due course.

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