Das Keyboard shows the love to Mac, Linux users

The geeky Das Keyboard is reaching out to Mac and Linux enthusiasts with a new set of keycaps featuring Mac and Linux symbols.

The geeky Das Keyboard is reaching out to Mac and Linux enthusiasts with a new set of replacement keycaps featuring Mac and Linux symbols.

Das Keyboard replacement keys

The set comes with all the keys pictured (two Mac command keys, two Mac alt/option keys, and two Linux keys featuring Tux the penguin). The keys go for $14.95 and will work only with the Das Keyboard Ultimate, which sports 100 percent blank keys, and the Das Keyboard Professional, which comes with traditional key markings.

Also part of the replacement set--a keycap puller that can be used to easily remove the old keys (Windows, if you happen to have the Professional device).

Das Keyboards were designed by programmer Daniel Guermeur, who's also the founder of open-source software company Metadot. They've gotten attention for the blank keys on some models (which are supposed to make you a better typist), and for their classic, "clicky" IBM model M-style gold-plated mechanical key switches, which give each keystroke a distinct click. They also have "N-key rollover," which lets users press up to 12 keys simultaneously (nice for gamers).

The keyboards are compatible with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X and do not require the installation of software or drivers.

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