Customizable Moto X phone is 'always listening'

Motorola serves up serious competition to the iPhone and Galaxy S models with its new flagship smartphone. CNET's Bridget Carey explains how the Moto X differs from other Androids.

CNET Update gets colorful:


In this episode of Update, get the details about the new Moto X smartphone and how it stands out from other Android phones. This is the first flagship phone from Motorola Mobility since the company was bought by Google in 2011. With Motorola, Google has a team that can innovate on hardware without mucking up the Android experience.

The Moto X will be launched on five U.S. carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular. Having one phone on every carrier gives the brand more strength to take on the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. To stand out, Moto X has unique "touchless" software tricks to pick up on voice commands and turn on the camera with motion (similar to its Droid brethren at Verizon ). It can also be ordered in several color combinations and designs -- it'll even come in wood.

The Moto X and matching accessories will be rolling out at the end of August. In the meantime, dive deeper with these stories:

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