Currys and PC World kick off same-day delivery, for £15

The new delivery option will see your tech plonked down on your doormat the same day you order it -- but not if it's a really big TV.

Currys and PC World have kicked off a new same-day delivery service -- but it's not for tech over a certain size.

Both shops, which are owned by tech-flogging behemoth Dixons Retail, will let you have items plonked down on your doormat the same day you order them, for a penny shy of £15.

To be eligible for same-day delivery you'll need to place the order before 9:30am, which will get your gadgets delivered to your homestead between 6:30pm and 10pm.

A new next-day delivery meanwhile will get your item to your house within that same time-frame, but must be placed before midnight on the following day. Next-day deliveries will start from £5. For £15 you can also have items delivered on Sunday.

No big tellies

Unfortunately, same-day delivery only applies to what Dixons Retail is calling 'small box' deliveries. As the name suggests, that means bigger objects will be denied that convenient, same-day service.

Home appliances are too big to qualify, as are any TVs over 39 inches in size. That still means you could get a decently sized telly delivered same-day, but you'll have to wait longer for anything with a screen that measures 40 inches on the diagonal or more.

Dixons Retail has likely crafted the same-day plans to step up competition with online mega-mart Amazon, which is credited with driving high-street mainstays Comet and Jessops out of business.

Would you opt for same-day delivery? Let me know in the comments, or on our business-hours-only Facebook wall.

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