Crazy cameras: Seven strange snappers

Crave has corralled seven of the weirdest cameras we've ever laid eyes on, including some panoramic wonders, a swivelling marvel and a camera you can throw

Those zany camera manufacturers. We know they have a sense of humour: just look at the tiny internal memories they slap in our compacts! And those noisy high-ISO settings! What a bunch of jokers. But sometimes they excel themselves with some truly wacky designs. Click through the links and check out some of the kerr-aziest cameras Crave has ever seen. -Rich Trenholm

Dapper Kan
The Konica Kanpai was the world's first sound-activated camera, developed in 1989. It featured a built-in tripod and would react to sound such as cheering or laughter by swivelling round to capture the source of the hubbub. Our picture shows one of the later black models, replacing the original red version. We're not sure if the dapper two-tone brogues were standard, but we sure hope so. They're fancy.

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