Crave TV: Asus Eee PC vs HP 2133 video

Bet you've never wondered which netbook is best for attracting the ladies. That's what we're here for -- to answer the questions you never knew needed asking

In our continuing quest to bring you the UK bits of Planet CNET without the rest of it, here's Rory pitting two new-ish netbooks against each other.

The Eee PC 701 and the HP 2133 Mini Note launched with much fanfare not so long ago, but we weren't happy doing the standard design-features-performance comparison here.

No -- Rory was trying to find out which netbook was more likely to get him laid. Avoiding the obvious answer (er, none of them, mate), he stalks tracks down some potential victims dates near the Crave office and asks them what they think of his new toys. But can a netbook really get Rory a date? Watch and find out.

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