Crave Summer: Gadgets for Glastonbury

With just ten days to go until the biggest music festival of the summer, we run down the essential gadgets to get you through the four days of madness...

Festival season has arrived! A joint effort between the Isle of Wight Festival and Download Festival at Donnington marked this weekend as the official start to the music-lover's summer. Many scalp-scorched revellers are no doubt sitting bleary-eyed at their desks this morning, guitars still ringing in their ears. But just around the corner, ten days away, is the daddy of them all, and 177,500 of you are gearing up for it: Glastonbury.

Crave is very excited, it has to be said. Our checklist is getting longer by the day. But in among the essentials -- tent, toilet paper and wet wipes -- are, of course, our top pick of Glastonbury gadgets. These are our prized pieces of rugged, durable tech that will see us through four days of festival madness.

First up is the vital camera -- we're banking on the Olympus µ [mju:] 770 SW. This tough-nut 7-megapixel snapshooter is waterproof to 10m, drop-proof to falls of 1.5m and even crushproof to 100kg, making it capable of handling pretty much anything you can throw at it -- or throw it at, as the case may be. Not only is it particularly thick-skinned but it takes decent pics too, so you can capture all the crazy festival action, and it's stylish and small enough to fit in the pocket of your shorts.

It costs around £235 online, or if you're feeling lucky you can have a go at winning one -- we've got two to give away in our Win Things section in Digital Living this month.

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