Crave Podcast 70: Smack hacks in drug search shame

Hear the real-life drama of the Crave podcasters being stopped and search by police for allegedly selling drugs -- proof if any was needed -- that CCTV is evil

Rejoice! It's Crave Podcast Friday! Tech leg-ends Rupert Goodwins, Ian Morris and Kate Macefield join Rory Reid in the studio for another riotous, take-no-prisoners look at the world of technology.

There's no trial this week but we've more than made up for it. This week's WTF concerns the real-life drama of the Crave podcasters being stopped and searched by the rozzers for allegedly selling drugs on the streets of London . Police CCTV operators saw them acting shady and decided to scramble the fuzz.

Speaking of feds, French police have decided to ditch Microsoft Windows for Ubuntu. Equally insane is the prospect of televisions with robotic arms. Oh, and how did a piece of human tongue end up in a hospital canteen and on a doctor's plate?

Only episode 70 has the answers. Listen to it here. -Rory Reid

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