CNET UK reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Our CNET brethren across the pond put Samsung's even larger "phablet" under the microscope. Here's the verdict.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note II
How good is the Galaxy Note 2's 8-megapixel camera? You tell us. We took this shot with one from a second Note 2. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone/tablet hybrid, paraded it around our various U.S. offices, and is even planning a big ol' coming-out party. But we don't have the phone yet. Luckily for us, our friends at CNET UK do.

Not only does bigger equal even better according to CNET UK reviewer Andrew Hoyle, the "phablet," with its massive screen, powerful quad-core processor, and quirky-cool S Pen stylus dazzled enough to earn the phone a coveted Editors' Choice award.

Check out the full Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (II) review at CNET UK, and stick with us for reviews of the U.S. variants when we get 'em.

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