CNET UK Podcast 230: What's the value of music?

On the podcast this week, we question the sanity of the music industry, blame the Germans for the BBC being offline for a whole hour, and blabber on about virtual girlfriends.

On this week's show, we right the wrongs of the music industry, blame the Germans for the BBC being offline for a whole hour, and talk about a new universal radio player. As well as us blabbering on about cloud-based virtual girlfriends, there's also a slightly downbeat single-syllable review of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.


BBC website goes offline, Siemens to blame
BBC launches radio player with access to commercial stations
Spotify ad contains malware
Google adds +1 button to search results


This week, we discuss the options for the ludicrously out-of-touch record industry, in light of the fact that it wants some $75tn dollars from LimeWire. How should the music industry reinvent itself? We've got some ideas and we're pretty sure you'll have some thoughts too.


Want a girlfriend but unhappy about actually going out and being pleasant to a real lady? Good news! You can now pre-register for a service that promises to provide you with a virtual girlfriend, who will connect with you via Facebook and other social networks. Flora isn't convinced by either the concept or the suggestion that this service will ever actually launch.

Single-syllable review

This week, Luke distils his feelings about the Xperia Play into one wee sound. If you need more detail, check out his full-length review, which is in an eyeball-friendly format.

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