CNET UK Podcast 204: When Internet jokes go badly wrong

On the show this week, we talk about jokes on Twitter costing jobs, the week's best tech news and answer some questions.

On the show this week, Ian is joined by Luke and Rory for a debate about making bomb jokes online, and the subsequent fallout. We also talk about a new BlackBerry tablet, a multi-platform app system and Twitter having a bad week.

BlackBerry BlackPad coming soon with new OS
Twitter hacked by JavaScript exploit
Webinos multi-platform app project gets EU funding
Android like "wetting yourself for warmth" says Nokia boss

Honda FCX Clarity
PlayStation Move
Slingbox PRO-HD

Feature: Twitter Joke Trial
We debated the fairness of prosecuting a man for making a single, admittedly bad joke on Twitter and how anti-terrorism rules are being warped to arrest people for flippant comments.

The debate on this subject is likely to rage for some time, so join-in via our comments section below, or the Facebook wall. The best thoughts may well make it into the next podcast.

Single syllable review
This week, Rory reviewed the Ferrari 458 Italia using only a single syllable or sound. Sadly, his word was unbroadcastable. But a more reasonable review is to be found on the Car Tech section of CNET UK .

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