CNET UK Podcast 203: We haven't lost privacy, we never really had any

On the show this week: a discussion about the myth of privacy and we talk HTC phones and ISPs cross they're being forced to pay to enforce someone else's copyright.

On Podcast 203, we discuss new Android phones and ISPs being forced to pay towards the costs of monitoring copyright infringers. We also argue that privacy never really existed anyway, and we celebrate a new Kindle advert.

HTC announces two new Android-based handsets
ISPs forced to pay 25 percent of costs towards recovery of copyright infringement
Project Canvas now officially called YouView 
Halo: Reach makes £128m in one day 

Nokia E7
Microsoft Arc Touch
Twitter redesign

Podcast competition
Seb Farrall won our most recent podcast competition, suggesting we should set our video reviews against the background of a car chase, or in front of a waterfall. His prize is in the post, and there will be a new competition next week.

We know what Luke had for breakfast. We know what events Rich is going to, and what mid-morning snack he eats. And we all know what our neighbours do, where they live, and what cars they drive. So is all this fuss about Internet privacy rather overblown, and too late anyway? We discuss, and invite you to do the same, either via the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.

Woot of the Week and Single Syllable Review
This week, the Woot goes to Amazon, for its Kindle advert, which lampoons the iPad and its ultra-glossy screeen through the medium of a failed chat-up attempt. 

And in the Single Syllable Review this week, Rich is going to be reviewing iOS4 on the iPhone 3G.  

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