CNET UK Editors' Choice winners September 2009

September's winners are hard-working, top-quality pieces of kit, fully deserving of one of the most sought-after accolades in the industry. See what we picked

September saw the beginning of the gadget world's annual ramp-up to Christmas with some special gadgetry. You don't just pitch up and flash a smidgeon of touchscreen to win a CNET UK Editors' Choice Award, mind -- these three are hard-working, top-quality pieces of kit, fully deserving of one of the most sought-after accolades in the industry.

CNET UK Editors' Choice winners September 2009

Apple iPod touch (3rd gen, 64GB)
Despite being thinner than most other media players, the new iPod touch comes with a ludicrous 64GB of memory. Its processor is lightning fast and can handle cutting-edge mobile gaming. The touch has its own wireless movie-rental service and music store, and blends everything around a user interface as close to perfect as it's possible to get. The most worthy product of this award we've ever seen.

Samsung WB1000
The Samsung WB1000 caught our eye with its varied feature set: it gives you control over almost every aspect of the photographic process, and all in a compact package. We were tempted to give the award to the excellent Ricoh GR Digital III, also reviewed this month. Its fixed-focus lens -- and hefty price tag -- make it an object of desire for hardened photography lovers. But the WB1000 gets our vote, because its accessibility is good for consumers, and its versatility makes it attractive to experts. In fact, the many features crammed into this simple and compact package could turn some of those consumers into experts too. As proof that compact point-and-shoot cameras can be clever too, the Samsung WB1000 wins our Editors' Choice award for September.

Acer Ferrari One
This joint venture could so easily have been a laughing stock, but against all odds, Acer and Ferrari have developed a machine most of us at CNET UK absolutely adore. It's a little larger than your average netbook, but that affords it a beautiful 11.6-inch, high-resolution screen and a keyboard that actually puts those on full-size laptops to shame. It's well-equipped, too. The system uses a low-voltage AMD dual-core CPU, copious amounts of RAM, a large hard drive, and a graphics card that's capable of running HD movies and 3D games. There's no denying it -- the Acer Ferrari One has dragged netbooks kicking and screaming into adulthood.

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