CNET presents XCAR: The greatest car videos in the world

Check out XCAR, a brand-new site from CNET that showcases the most gorgeous and incredible cars ever built.

Is your alarm clock the sound of an Audi R8 revving up? Do your dreams involve leather detailing and badges depicting a certain Italian horse , and does the smell of burning rubber make your stomach rumble? Then buster, do we have the car destination for you.

Introducing XCAR, the newest pony in CNET's wonderfully appointed stable -- an online destination that exposes the beauty in each and every motor vehicle, from unlikely supercars like the BMW M1  to Charles Morgan's AeroMax , by way of  throbbing monsters like the Lotus Exige S .

Crafted by our three UK-based, petrol-headed lunatics Drew, Alex and Nick, XCAR serves up the most beautifully shot, gorgeously made and lethally informative vehicular videos you will ever watch.

You'll find features that don't get bogged down in stats or prices -- because we know that's not what you're really after. Instead you'll enjoy cars moving very, very quickly, an insider's look at cutting-edge motoring technology and plenty of gratuitous engine roar, all accessible instantly through the Web browser that you're already using. For free. You're welcome!

So go on, visit the page, like 'em on Facebook, follow the blighters on Twitter, and generally have a great time. We hope it smokes your tyres, and that your dreams remain full of engine roar and smouldering tarmac.

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Luke Westaway is a senior editor at CNET and writer/ presenter of Adventures in Tech, a thrilling gadget show produced in our London office. Luke's focus is on keeping you in the loop with a mix of video, features, expert opinion and analysis.


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