CNET News Daily Podcast: Green-tech start-ups adapting to recession

How some green-tech companies have changed strategies when funding dried up; a new way to watch TV; and Amazon releases e-book Kindle app for the iPhone.

On day one of our special report on making a business out of green tech, reporter Martin LaMonica talks about how some green-tech companies have changed their business models to adapt to the dearth of venture funding.

Also in this podcast: one start-up that might make you rethink your cable TV service; Amazon releases e-book Kindle app for the iPhone; and Research In Motion goes to great lengths to protect intellectual property.

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Today's stories:

Start-up offers alternative to subscription TV

AMD chipmaking arm launches as Globalfoundries

Windows 7 gets down to business

Office 14 crawls toward beta

In search of the Google of green tech

Pirate Bay trial coming to a close

RIM records employee calls to protect IP

Comparing Kindle 2 with Kindle's iPhone app

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