Cheap iPhone is called the 5C, says leaked photo

The rumoured cheaper iPhone could be called the iPhone 5C to distinguish it from the hotly-tipped iPhone 5S.

The rumoured cheaper iPhone could be called the iPhone 5C. A new leak suggests the hotly-tipped budget Apple phone will be dubbed 5C to distinguish it from the expected 5S.

A leaked snap posted on Chinese forum WeiPhone hints that the cheaper iPhone could bear the new name. The photo shows a box full of what appears to be packaging for the new phone, each box branded with the legend 'iPhone 5C.'

Previous leaks suggest the cheaper 5C will be the same size as the regular 5S, but with a plastic back and slightly lower specs. It's also set to be the first iPhone to come in different colours.

Other names bandied about for this budget blower include the iPhone Light.

The leaks are gathering pace as we near a potential announcement of the new phone, with German blog iFun claiming both new iPhones will be revealed on 6 September.

What do you think of the name 5C? What does the C stand for? And how much do you think Apple should charge for the new phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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