CBS library programming heads to Hulu Plus

CBS shows will start rolling out to Hulu Plus in January and will include a host of library series like "Medium," "Numb3rs," and others.


CBS programming is coming to Hulu Plus.

The video-streaming site announced the news today, saying that the CBS library will be made available to Hulu Plus customers starting in January. More than 2,600 episodes from the CBS library will come to Hulu Plus, including those from series "Medium," "Numb3rs," and "CSI: Miami."

As part of the deal, Hulu will also get its hands on old shows, like "I Love Lucy" and "The Twilight Zone," the company said today in a blog post announcing the deal.

CBS, which owns CNET, has been conspicuously absent from Hulu. The company's competitors, including NBC and Fox, have been offering programming to Hulu users for years. All told, Hulu has more than 400 partners that provide it with television shows and movies it can stream to customers.

CBS, meanwhile, has stuck with offering its programming on its own Web site.

Hulu says that the deal with CBS will be in effect for multiple years, but the company did not provide financial details on the agreement. Some CBS library shows will be available on the free, though Hulu wouldn't say which programs will make the list.

Hulu Plus costs $8 per month. The service is available online, as well as on a host of products, including televisions and set-top boxes.

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