Catch a wave with Kymera electric body board

This motorized jet board on Kickstarter can zip along at 15 mph, and could become a useful tool for lifeguards.

Kymera can help rescuers reach swimmers without tiring themselves. Kickstarter

If paddling out to that wave is getting a little too tiring, this electric body board puts you right in the water while pulling you along effortlessly.

Kymera is a lightweight, motorized jet board that can send you crashing through waves to help a struggling swimmer. Mainly intended for lifeguards and search and rescue teams, it's designed to be placed in the water more quickly and easily than personal watercraft.

The focus of a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign, Kymera weighs 48 pounds with the rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack, and 29 pounds without it.

The batteries power a 1,000-watt RMS brushless motor, and the average run time per charge is one hour, giving you a 5-6 mile range. It has a leaning steering mechanism with trigger throttle control.

Check out the board taking on waves in the promo vid below.

The campaign is offering Kymera starting at $2,500, with delivery in July. For $5,500 or more, you'll get the board and equipment including a transport roof rack that doubles as a solar charger. It can juice the board in 3.5 hours in full sunshine.

Inventor Jason Woods developed Kymera for a decade, and won a 2011 Invention Award from Popular Science. Rescue personnel have welcomed the idea too.

What do you think? Would you ride one of these things?

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