Casio VX Tablet takes Ice Cream Sandwich to the shops

The Casio VX Tablet is a tough tablet for use in retail, powered by Android.

Ready for another technology giant to reveal an Android tablet? Meet the Casio VX Tablet.

The 10-inch toughened tablet runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and packs a battery that manages to last a whopping 12 hours.

Recombu reports the Android-powered VX will go on sale in the middle of the year. Casio has yet to confirm the price or whether it's named after the Marine-melting deadly gas in The Rock ("It's very, very horrible sir. It's one of those things we wish we could disinvent"). But we do know we won't be getting our hands on the VX: it's designed for use in shops.

The VX lets retail staff work with point-of-sale apps in the new Casio Business Portal. I'm guessing that means things like ordering more stock, or even replacing tills when you go to pay.

It's compatible with card readers and even phones with near field communication (NFC), although paying for stuff with your phone is still a while off yet.

Tablets have been around for a while in retail, industrial and other behind-the-scenes use. It's only in the last couple of years that Apple came along and figured out how to popularise tablets with the iPad.

Panasonic is another brand that makes tablets for work, such as the Android-powered Toughbook tablet . It's also dipped its toes into the consumer market with the new Panasonic Eluga Power Android phone and the Viera telly tablets . More successfully, Samsung went from making clunky, workaday tablets like the Q1 Ultra to fancy dan consumer tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

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