Canon IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11 announced

Canon announces its first touchscreen and latest compacts with the launch of the IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11

With its customary scatter-gun approach, Canon has announced a bunch of new IXUS and PowerShot cameras: the IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11. We're on our way to get some sweet, sweet alone time with the new models, but here's a quick round-up of the cameras you can stick straight on your Christmas list now.

The Digital IXUS 200 IS is Canon's first touchscreen, with 5x zoom and wide-angle lens. The IXUS 120 IS also boasts a wide-angle lens and is touted as one of Canon's slimmest ever.

The PowerShot SX20 packs a tilty-flippy LCD screen and 10x zoom. It's also launched the PowerShot S90, with an interesting lens-control ring.

The big hitter in the new line-up, pictured above, is the PowerShot G11, Canon's top-end supercompact. The successor to the popular G10 is designed as a back-up camera for prosumers and is packed with high-spec features.

Check back later for lovely colourful pictures and full specs and prices.

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