<b>QuicKeys 3.5.2 does not need CEToolbox; you may want QuicKeys Toolbox

QuicKeys 3.5.2 does not need CEToolbox; you may want QuicKeys Toolbox

This item, as originally posted, was a bit confused (as numerous readers pointed out!). Here is a clarified version:

Robert Croy correctly notes that the CEToolbox extension is no longer required for QuicKeys v3.5.2. A statement form CE software adds: "You may, however, need to run the CEToolbox for other utilities such as Alarming Events, DiskTop, In Out, QuickMail client (versions prior to 3.5) and the QuickMail server. If you do not run one of the above mentioned utilities or applications, you may trash the extension and the CEToolbox preference file."

As to the previous report that QuicKeys Toolbox is no longer needed, CE states: "QuicKeys Toolbox must be installed and running for the following extensions to operate properly: AppleScript, Apple Events and DoScript. QuicKeys Toolbox also provides additional step information in the Sequence Editor and is required for generating sequence and Batch Processor log files."

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