Bombproof gadgets: Our most trusty technology

Is there a piece of technology in your life that just won't die? Despite dropping it down stairs, in the sea or on to a treadmill? Here are our favourite lumps of near-indestructible technology

Crave has often mused on the pathetic, inexcusable flimsiness of modern gadgetry . But in a world where waterproof means splashproof and ruggedised means you'd better not drop it, there's all the more reason to celebrate tech that just won't die.

Whatever the reason for its survival, the technology we've collected here deserves enormous credit.

It's coped with years of abuse and thousands of metres of cumulative drops, but it continues to operate as well as it did on the day it emerged from the factory.

There must be plenty more where this came from -- surely not all tech is as fragile as baby bats? We'd like you to get involved too. If you have something that's been with you through thick and thin, take a photo of it, and bung a link in our forums. You never know, perhaps we'll add the one we like best to this collection.

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