Blu-ray and laptop battery just don't mix

Don't upgrade that drive just yet.

Crave Asia

Now that the format war is over, with Blu-ray lording over the stinking corpse that was HD-DVD, some of you might be eager to upgrade your laptop drive to the winning technology.

Wired, however, strongly advises against this. The power consumption of a Blu-ray drive running at full-tilt while playing a movie is so draining that you can barely make it halfway through the show. To overcome this, you need to be close to a power outlet, or buy a laptop with extended cell option.

We feel the same way, too. Moreover, there is the added complication that Blu-ray v1.0 does not play nice with the upcoming Blu-ray v2.0. This means the oh-so-expensive drive you are getting for your portable could be obsolete even before you take it out of its packaging. So put that wallet back in your pants and wait just a little longer.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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