Black Samsung Galaxy S3 pops up for pre-order

A black version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has appeared on an online shop.

A black version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has popped up for pre-order at an online shop, fuelling speculation that Samsung is about to start flogging a noir-hued version of its quad-core smart phone.

The coal-coloured mobile, spied by Know Your Mobile, is listed on bearing a wince-inducing pre-order price of £499.95 (ouch) and an 'expected back in stock' date of 4-6 weeks, which would see the shadowy smart phone released in the middle of September.

I've spoken with the shop, who told me that the image provided on that page was found, rather than provided by Samsung itself -- based on earlier snaps it seems that any black S3 that eventually becomes real would have a matte finish.

Even if you're dead set on owning a black Galaxy S3, I'd hold off on pre-ordering until Samsung confirms the existence of the device itself -- apart from anything else other retailers may offer cheaper prices.

I contacted Samsung and was told, "We cannot comment on rumour or speculation."

This isn't our first glimpse at a black version of the Galaxy S3, which currently comes in white and blue. The stygian smart phone  first appeared on Samsung's own Facebook page, shown being used around London in the just-concluded Olympic games, of which Samsung was a sponsor.

Soon after it appeared in Carphone Warehouse's inventory system , listed simply as 'Samsung Galaxy S3 Black', but divulging no additional information.

I'll let you know if I hear anything more, in the meantime tell me if you'd like to own a black Galaxy S3 in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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