Behavio joins Google, big things predicted for Google Now

Social prediction start-up Behavio, which collects data from your phone to forecast what you might do in the future, is joining Google.

Social prediction start-up Behavio, which collects data from your mobile phone to forecast what you might do in the future, is joining Google. Better predictions in Google Now , anyone?

The team behind the product is now part of the Mountain View company. It'll shut down its closed alpha project, but still maintain its open-source project Funf. It's also looking forward to working on "exciting things within Google".

Behavio was built on top of the Funf framework, which collects a slightly worrying amount of information from your mobile, including your location, contacts and activities. Then it makes predictions of what you'll do, based on your past behaviour. Which sounds exactly like a more advanced version of Google Now.

Google Now currently gives you information based on what you've searched for, your commuting habits, and your location. If Google can use Behavio's advanced features to get more accurate predictions of what we'll do next, and hence give us more useful info, it could be a real boon to Android users.

Behavio's tech could also work with Google Glass to supply you with everything you could want to know as you stroll down the street. You like espressos? This place round the corner does the best in town. That kind of thing. Like a digital butler who knows exactly what you like.

This is all pie in the sky at the moment, of course. Google hasn't said what the team will be working on, and Behavio has just said it'll "continue building out our vision within Google". But the safe money is on advanced features for Google Now and Google Glass.

What would you like to see Google do with Behavio? Do you like the idea of tech that predicts your next move? What kind of applications should it be used for? Make your predictions in the comments, or on Facebook.

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