Bedphones let you listen to music while you doze off

Desperate to listen to music in bed but wary of disturbing your spouse or losing your earphones inside the murky depths of your ear canal?

Desperate to listen to music in bed, but wary of disturbing your spouse or losing your conventional earphones inside the murky depths of your ear canal?

Step this way, music addict, and cuddle up with the Bedphones -- the first headphones we've seen that are designed specifically for use in bed.

The Bedphones were created by US developer Eric Dubs, and feature "ultra-light, super-slim" cushioned earpieces that the user "barely feels" when lying flat on his or her ears. The earpieces clip over your ears using earhooks made of flexible memory wire, which keep the Bedphones in place.

It also sports a 1.5m-long cable, which means you don't need to curl up next to your iPod at night -- you can place it safe and sound on a window sill, night stand or on the floor.

Usefully, Bedphones also come with a free app called Bedphones Music Controller, which is available for both iPhone and Android smart phones. This displays a big pause and play button on the screen, making your device easier to operate when you're dosing off. The app also has a Smart Mode function that uses your phone's accelerometer to determine when you've stopped tossing and turning and have fallen asleep.

If you're prone to fidgeting around in your sleep, the timer mode lets you specify the length of time the phone plays for before deactivating the music.

The Bedphones are available to buy from iheadphones for £27.

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