BBC loses £200,000 of laptops and phones, Crave sympathises

Absent-minded staff at the BBC and its subsidiaries lost 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 BlackBerrys in the last two years. It's a wonder they can keep hold of their shoes

Absent-minded staff of the BBC and its subsidiaries lost 146 laptops, 65 mobile phones and 17 BlackBerrys in the last two years. The losses were revealed in a Freedom of Information request by the curious Georges at IT security firm Absolute Software.

The Beeb's bean-counters valued the laptops at £219,000 (that's £1,500 each, amazingly), the mobile phones at £12,913 and the BlackBerrys at £9,106. With 19 missing devices rescued from the backs of sofas, the total bill comes to £217,569.

There's been the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media about the waste of our licence fee. We would join in, but we've all been there: a quick straw poll at CNET Towers reveals that between us, the team has lost three laptops, 16 phones, two-and-a-half BlackBerries and a shoe -- and that was just one unremarkable frisky Tuesday lunchtime in the Goat and Sprocket across the road.

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