BBC iPlayer goes mobile: Which player is best?

The Beeb has made its iPlayer mobile, and it's now compatible on a range of portable devices -- we've taken every compatible gadget we have for a spin

First it was available only to Windows users. Then it adopted Adobe Flash and opened up its streaming walls to Mac and Linux. Now, the BBC's iPlayer is available not only on all desktops, but on the iPhone, and now a plethora of mobile devices that support Windows Media DRM.

We've got almost all the devices the iPlayer is compatible with in our capacious desk drawers, so we thought it'd be awfully charitable of us to load up some BBC content and take our favourite players for a spin.

To get content on to your favourite PMP, you need to browse to the BBC programme you want to download, click 'Download', and choose the version for mobile devices. This will download a DRMed WMV file to your computer. You'll need to use Windows Media Player to sync this to your device.

We'll begin with the most recent MP3 player we've tested, and the most recently released: the Samsung YP-Q1 Diamond. -Nate Lanxon

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