AT-AT liquor cabinet for cocktail-sipping Siths

A handcrafted steampunk-style AT-AT liquor cabinet will be the piece de resistance of any self-respecting Sith Lord's living room.

AT-AT liquor cabinet
Be a good Sith, and go get Darth Vader a drink. Colin Johnson

There's a whole world of fan-made "Star Wars" furniture out there. A lucky fluffball has an AT-AT cat condo . A fortunate child has an X-wing fighter bunk . A talented furniture maker created an X-wing coffee table . Now, a handy maker has built an AT-AT liquor cabinet that combines "Star Wars" love with steampunk aesthetics.

The Emperor's Cabinet was created by Colin Johnson, a Vancouver artist who crafted the piece from plywood, mahogany veneer, and glass. Artfully laid solid-brass trim lends a distinctly steampunk look to the cabinet. The side of the AT-AT opens up to reveal plenty of storage for bottles of Alderaanian brandy, Hedrett oil-rig whiskey, and Gralish liqueur.

It's easy to imagine the Emperor's Cabinet on the Death Star with Darth Vader, clad in a smoking robe and slippers, relaxing in his study, sipping a galactic cocktail, and plotting to destroy the Jedi forces. It's all so very civilized until the turbolasers start firing.

The cabinet is available for sale, though no price has been mentioned. It's a unique piece that stands about shoulder height, so it will really make a statement, whether you put it in your Wookiee tree house or your Tatooine hut, or make it the centerpiece of your Ewok village.

Bonus feature: a good helping of the contents should help you make it through watching "The Star Wars Holiday Special."

AT-AT liquor cabinet head
This cabinet is full of steampunky details. Colin Johnson

(Via Make)

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